‘Relationship with Zomba is special’

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The Mayor of Coleraine Councillor David Harding has addressed a service of thanksgiving marking 10 years of the Zomba Action Project at Hazelbank Church in Coleraine.

Council Harding spoke of his determination to develop the almost unique relationship between Coleraine Borough Council and Zomba City Council. in Africa.

He said, “I feel we have a duty as a community who has all the benefits of modern society to help our friends in Malawi who have not been blessed in the same way.

“ In return for the money and practical help which we give we receive ten times more in prayer and gratitude from those we are able to help.

“We also benefit from being at uplifting occasions such as this particular event, either as members of the Community Choir or as members of the congregation”

Councillor Harding also paid tribute to the work of Roberta Scott as Choir mistress and Accompanist Peter Wilson as well as the Brass Ensemble led by local funeral director Hugh Wade.

The mayor added: “Coleraine has a long and proud choral music history and it is thanks to the selfless, lifelong dedication of a few individuals that this continues to develop”