Remember staff – new chief is urged

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The new chief executive of the Causeway Coast and Glens super council has said he will initially divide his time among all four council areas.

David Jackson was outlining his initial thoughts on the task of merging four council areas into one.

“That brings four sets of challenges and four sets of opportunities,” Mr Jackson told the Transition Committee meeting in Coleraine on Thursday.

Ballymoney DUP councillor John Finlay asked the new Chief Executive to be mindful of the feelings of council staff who are concerned about their future.

“I wouldn’t like any staff to feel that they are being kicked out the door,” he said.

Limavady DUP Councillor James McCorkell also highlighted the worries of council staff, saying they are concerned about whether they will have jobs or where they will be based.

Mr Jackson replied: “My suggestion would be that from an admin point of view, my project team will be in Coleraine but my proposal is that I will spend one day a week in each of the four councils.

“I think it would send the right message to staff,” he said, adding that this would have to be done with the blessing of the existing Chief Executives.