REVEALED: What’s inside the PM’s red box

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AS the Prime Minister’s cavalcade pulled into Bann Rowing Club, many were wondering what was inside the red box carried very carefully by one of Mr Cameron’s staff.

The No10 official remained very close to the PM throughout his visit as a police helicopter circled overhead and security staff spoke into walkie-talkies.

Well, we can reveal that the red attaché case, (pictured) similar to that displayed by the Chancellor of the Exchequer on budget day, contains the Prime Minister’s official papers.

Most government ministers use the cases and they are designed with security in mind.

The box is designed to withstand most accidents and is bomb proof.

The design of these boxes has changed very little since the 1860’s.

Made from ram’s leather, the box is embossed with the Royal Cypher and the minister’s name.

The boxes are, in fact, best known for being used by ministers to take their work home with them.

They and are also used to pass important documents from one department to another.

Mystery solved!