Riverside and UU celebrate Samuel Beckett

04_Act I Opening
04_Act I Opening

The Riverside Theatre has announce a new programming development, designed both to assist teaching and learning at UU and also to bring together ‘Gown and Town’ in shared appreciation of the work of a major, Irish literary figure.

Dr Kathryn White, who lectures on English Literature at the Coleraine campus, and the Riverside have together devised an exciting project for both the University and for the general public entitled Bann Beckett.

It is a mini-celebration of the work of Irish novelist and playwright Samuel Beckett – and there will be a number of events including workshops, pre-show talks and three, separate productions of the writer’s work spread over this term and next. I

It is an exciting development both in terms of Riverside’s programming, University research overall and the tangible contribution it will make to our undergraduates’ work in studying Beckett.

Apart from the specific input of Dr White herself and colleagues from her Department, Riverside has secured additional input from academics who teach at the Universities of Chester and Trinity College, Dublin.

Bann Beckett began on Monday, with a full professional production of “Waiting for Godot”, at the Riverside.

Meanwhile the glorious Ballet Ireland, Ireland’s national, professional ballet ensemble will be returning to Riverside for one night only with Coppelia, at 8pm on Tuesday, November 10.

You can access full details of the various events, by clicking on: http://www.riversidetheatre.org.uk/downloads.asp