Roads Service ‘passionate’ about A26 dualling project

THE Roads Service has reiterated its commitment to proceed with the dualling of the A26 Frosses Road.

A seven kilometre stretch between Glarryford and the Drones Road is the next section planned and it is currently at the Public Inquiry stage.

At a special presentation to Coleraine Council last week Divisional Roads Manager, Deidre Mackle, said there was ‘strong support’ for the project, but added it was dependant on finances.

“We are very passionate about this project and there is strong support for it,” said Ms Mackle.

“The Investment Strategy, which takes us up to 2021, has just recently been released and in it the A26 is listed as a High Priority scheme.

“A Public Inquiry is currently being held and the movement of the scheme is dependant on a successful outcome from that.

“There is a relatively low number of objectors (18) given the number of properties along the seven kilometre stretch. We have tried to speak with the residents to alleviate their concerns.

“The project ultimately will come down to finances, but I can assure you we are doing all we can locally to bring about a successful outcome.”

Alderman James McClure, who has been a long-time campaigner for the project, welcomed the news but appealed to the Roads Service to dual the entire road.

“I welcome this latest development, but there is another 15 miles on the road still to be done,” said Ald McClure.

“This is the main artery to the north coast and it needs to be done. I would appeal to you to get it done.”