Robinson concerned about Portstewart

George Robinson MLA.
George Robinson MLA.

DUP MLA George Robinson has expressed concern at antisocial behaviour in Portstewart at the weekends.

During a family visit to Portstewart on Sunday evening, the MLA claims to have spotted a highly intoxicated individual staggering in front of traffic.

He told The Times: “It was also noticed that on one of the main roads in the town a group of young people were shining small lasers into people’s windows.

“It has been established that these small lasers have the potential to inflict serious injury or even blindness so there use has to be discouraged. I would ask that members of the public would report such incidents, and the police ensure that those responsible are dealt with in an appropriate manner.

“As Portstewart is a major tourist draw, we want to ensure it stays as a friendly family based destination,” concluded Mr Robinson.