Rodd a steal at Blenheim Palace

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Magician Rodd Hogg raised the roof when he STOLE a billionaire’s watch during a corporate dinner at Blenheim Palace.

The Aghadowey showman - whose tongue-in-cheek tagline on Twitter is “I drive lots of miles and steal lots of watches” - wowed the CEO of Hempel, the Danish company that owns Crown Paints, at the lavish occasion earlier this month.

Rodd was exchanging banter with Pierre-Yves Jullien who said, whilst laughing: “I could have got anyone to do that, why am I paying you?”

Rodd replied: “Because you can trust me to give you your watch back 15 minutes after I steal it!

“I then pulled his watch from inside my wallet, and reached it to him. His face spoke a thousand words.

“Struggling for air he whispered in a strong French accent. ‘You will be back next year my friend’...then he smiled ear to ear!”

Rodd performed some spellbinding impromptu magic with the guests and was also on stage during the Travel Options engagement.

The other main performer on the night was comedian Jason Manford.

“Blenheim Palace was an amazing venue. It was a great trip, very successful. Now it’s onto the Edinburgh Fringe Festival on August 24-25.

“I can’t wait, the Edinburgh Fringe is the biggest festival in the world and it’s a place I have been wanting to go to for a long time.

“ I had thought about going and performing on the streets, but I’ve just never got round to it.

“So to get this opportunity now is fantastic. I’m excited to see what it’s all about and take in other acts.

Rodd is currently travelling all over the country to different gigs and he has just been booked by a Russian businessman for an appearance at another corporate dinner at St Pancras Hotel in London.

He has also been named by Go Hen Blog as one of the UK’s best wedding entertainers for 2015.

The blog said: “Rodd Hogg is mind bendingly good.

“Your guests will be amazed and amused by his incredible skills and hilarious patter which will make for a wonderfully entertaining talking point as part of your big day.”

“I feel very privileged to be on the list - so to be picked is a great surprise.”