Romanian man jailed after theft spree

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A ROMANIAN man who went on a theft spree which included targeting charity boxes on shop counters, has been jailed for five months.

Suraj Mihai (22), whose address was given as Aubrey Street, Londonderry, stole charity boxes belonging to Foyle Hospice and also Causeway Coast Dog Rescue, Coleraine Magistrates Court was told on Monday.

He also took mobile phones, game consoles, cigarettes and scratch cards and pleaded guilty to several counts of theft.

A defence barrister said it was “regrettable” that charity boxes were stolen and claimed her client had been driven to “desperation” as he was “under threat” and had to pay off a debt for cannabis which he smoked.

She said the defendant has changed his lifestyle and has a job lined up at a car wash when he gets out of jail.

District Judge Liam McNally said the defendant was “thoroughly dishonest” and had plotted to steal as much as he could.