Rotary Club seeks volunteers for Aussie adventure

COLERAINE Rotary Club is looking for volunteers to take part in a study exchange programme to Australia next year.

The visit is under the auspices of the Rotary Foundation’s Group Study Exchange (GSE) program. It is a unique cultural and vocational exchange opportunity for businesspeople and professionals between the ages of 25 and 40 who are in the early stages of their careers.

The programme provides travel grants for teams to visit Australia next year. For four to six weeks, team members experience the host country’s culture and institutions, observe how their vocations are practiced abroad, develop personal and professional relationships, and exchange ideas.

In a typical four-week tour, applicants participate in five full days of vocational visits, 15 to 20 Rotary club presentations, 10 to 15 formal visits and social events, two to three days at the district conference, three to four hours per day of cultural and site tours, and three to four hours per day of free time with host families.

For each team member, the Foundation provides the most economical round-trip airline ticket between the home and host countries. Rotarians in the host area provide for meals, lodging, and group travel within their district.

Michael Magee, president of Coleraine Rotary Club said: “We would love to hear from prospective candidates from the Coleraine area. GSE enhances the international perspective of the next generation of young leaders that will take your organisation into the future.

“GSE participants return with new communication and facilitation skills that promote tolerance and collaboration with professional people of other cultures.

“GSE fosters a creative approach to problem solving by expanding the employee’s skill set, exposure to alternate methodologies, and preparation for addressing community needs. In addition, GSE provides a great public relations opportunity to promote awareness of your business or organization, as local and international media may feature interviews, photos, and articles about the exchange.”

If you wish to find out more about the scheme and the opportunity it presents, for the person involved and their own organisation, visit, contact any member of Rotary or telephone 02870343371.

Entry closes in mid-September.