Row over website name

A row over the domain address for the website of the new Super Council has been described as ‘hot air’ and a ‘farce’.

At Tuesday night’s meeting of Coleraine Borough Council members were asked to give consideration to two addresses.

The domain names - or, had already been discussed at a meeting of the Statutory Transition Committee, Members of each of the cluster councils - Coleraine, Moyle, Ballymoney and Limavady sit on the Transition Committee.

At the Transition meeting on November 28, it was agreed that the decision on the domain name should be deferred to allow time for the other cluster councils to submit a view.

At a Coleraine Council meeting on Tuesday night, DUP councillor George Duddy, who is also a member of the Transition Committee explained: “This should have been a very simple decision, however those within Moyle are vexing themselves. Moyle took the two names to outside bodies before the Transition Committee got time to decide, Moyle Council have also discussed it, so we felt it was only right that all the Councils should, however I believe it is a matter solely for the Transition Committee.”

UUP councillor Norman Hillis, who is also a member of the Transition Committee, also agreed calling the whole episode a ‘farce’. “We had a workshop about this, the next we know it is being discussed at Stormont, it’s a fuss about nothing. This is a dangerous president bringing items back to Council. I support councillor Duddy’s proposal to take this back to the Transition Committee for a decision.”

DUP Alderman Maurice Bradley described the argument as ‘hot air’ and added: “I must point out that the new Council will decide their name and domain name. Shame on them.”