Rugby Avenue Sports Village at crucial stage

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The Coleraine Times understands that members of Coleraine Rugby Club will have an extraordinary general meeting later this week to decide on whether or not they will sell a piece of land back to Coleraine Borough for the proposed Rugby Avenue stadium development.

Coleraine councillors were given further details about the £35 million stadium project behind closed doors at a meeting of Coleraine Borough Council last week.

During the private meeting details of discussions with Rugby Club chiefs were revealed. We understand that the multi million pound project which will be privately run, is now at a critical stage, and that members of the Rugby Club are split on the decision.

Ironically the land in question was previously owned by Council. It was sold a number of years ago for a sum of around £8,000.

Times Sport understand that the Rugby Club has asked Council for new flood lights at a cost of around £60,000 as part of the exchange for the piece of land. If Council get the go ahead, the land will be used for the erection of synthetic pitches, one of these will be specifically for hockey provision. Another demand from the Ruby Club includes free use of a pitch for Coleraine Ladies Hockey Club, the Times understands.

In a statement, Coleraine Borough Council said: “Council confirms that negotiations with Coleraine Rugby, Football and Cricket club (CRFC) to lease lands are concluding. The lease will facilitate phase one of the Rugby Avenue Development Plan which will provide a Hockey Pitch and a 3G Training Pitch for multi sports facilities in the Borough.”

We also contacted Coleraine Rugby Club, they said they did not wish to comment at this stage.