Sam’s in the Ballywillan spotlight

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Ballywillan Men’s Fellowship ended a successful session on a high note with the spotlight placed firmly on one of its own members.

Sam Robinson has been a loyal member of the Fellowship since its inception 21 years ago, and is one of the group’s most respected and hard-working members. As social secretary, he has been responsible for the informal proceedings which are an important aspect of the weekly meetings in Ballywillan Presbyterian Church Hall.

An interview with Sam had been planned for later in the year. However, the opportunity to quiz him in an “in-house interview” arose through the cancellation of an organised trip to Ballyrashane Creamery. In the interviewer’s chair was former television and radio presenter John Johnston, perhaps best remembered as agricultural correspondent to the BBC. In the course of an enthralling 60 minutes, Sam was persuaded to talk on a wide-ranging career, mostly in the north coast area and frequently in partnership with his twin brother Raymond. Thanks to both Sam Robinson and John Johnston for a fascinating morning was expressed at the close of the meeting by the president, Dr. Michael Gardiner. He had earlier paid tribute to the various people involved in the organisation and reminded members that meetings would resume in September.