Sandel Centre to host Mindfulness Workshop

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If you enjoy the sunshine or exercise outdoors, then the bright summer evenings are perfect, however if you suffer from depression then the long nights can be difficult.

Prompted by this challenge, leading mental health and depression charity, Aware is launching summer Mindfulness workshops in towns and cities across Northern Ireland.

Kicking off on Wednesday 19 August in the Sandel Centre from 7-9pm, the workshops will be taken by Aware’s Mindfulness Practitioner, Frank Liddy and will last approximately 2.5 hours.

Aware is encouraging participants to come along to the sessions to find out more about Mindfulness, to learn the theory behind it and practice this hugely successful skill.

Mindfulness is a world recognised technique that can help participants decrease anxiety, worry and stress and help them focus their energy and enthusiasm on improving their personal and professional life.

If you wish to attend visit– Places are limited.