Scenes at Windsor Park ‘like Spain in 1982’

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As Northern Ireland fans from across the globe celebrated the historic achievements of Michael O’Neill’s team last Thursday night, one Coleraine man was inspired to dig out some memorabilia from the 1982 World Cup in Spain.

Well known Coleraine man Johnny Boyd hoaked out a box that contained some special items belonging to his late father David Boyd.

David was one of a handful of local men who made the trip to Spain back in 1982.

The date was June 25, 1982, and our wee country beat the hosts in a thrilling game in Valencia.

The night in Valencia has been talked about over and over again since then, just like Thursday night’s achievements at Windsor Park will be for years to come.

Johnny takes up the story.

“The scenes after the game on Thursday night were just unbelievable.

“I am so proud to be from Northern Ireland.

“I knew I had a box containing memorabilia that my dad had got for me from the trip to Spain, so I went searching to find it.

“He always brought me back something from football matches - and the World Cup was no different.

“I have the match ticket, a signed poster and a few other wee items, including a photograph of all the local men who made the trip.

“After looking closer at the ticket - I had to google the date as it didn’t detail who was playing, but the date was correct and it tells that the game was played in Valencia.

“I can remember sitting up late to watch that game - it’s the one that everyone remembers when Gerry Armstrong scored, and the scenes on Thursday night, just made me think back to that night.

“My dad was a huge football fan - Manchester United, Coleraine and Northern Ireland, he would have watched any game, he just loved football.

“The crowd that went from Coleraine that year stayed very near the Northern Ireland team I believe.

“I took a photograph of my dad’s ticket and posted up on Facebook, and I have had so many comments.

“Unbelievably the ticket was only 300 pesetas - that works out to be about £1.50, however I do believe that more expensive tickets were available for the game, my dad just picked a cheap seat,” he joked.

Johnny allowed us permission to use the photograph of the locals who made the historic trip to Spain, his father is in the back row.

Can you help Johnny identify any others?

STORY: Nichola Neill