SDLP delegation fears over local drugs trade

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AN SDLP delegation has expressed its concern about the local drugs trade dring a meeting with police.

Councillors Gerry McLaughlin, Maura Hickey and Roisin Loftus and MLA John Dallat met senior PSNI officers to discuss a range of issues.

An SDLP statement said: “This meeting focussed on the positives and sought to explore how local police officers can engage with the local communities they serve in the various towns, villages and rural districts.

“There has been outstanding example of community policing at its best and we acknowledged this fact in our meeting with senior officers.

‘However we emphasised again and again the need for the PSNI to engage on a regular basis with the local communities throughout the borough and in particular young people who need to know who the community police officers are and how they can communicate with them with a common purpose of ensuring that everyone is a winner in a world where there are so many challenges to be met and in particular the danger of illegal drugs.”

The delegation urged the public to support the police in catching drug pushers.