Seminar for landlords and tenants about new legislation

NEW legislation on deposits will affect private landlords and tenants in the Coleraine area.

From April 1, this year, new statutory procedures will become operational for the protection of tenancy deposits in the private rented sector.

This will be the first time that such procedures have been put in place in Northern Ireland, and it follows what has been happening in England for a number of years.

Local charity Housing Rights Service has welcomed the new scheme.

Last year the organization dealt with almost 11,000 enquiries about the private rented sector. This is around one third of its total advice work.

The organisation will be running seminars about what the scheme will mean for landlords and tenants in Belfast, Dungannon and Coleraine during March.

Under the new scheme all landlords must protect the tenancy deposit through one of the Scheme Administrators within 14 days of receipt of the deposit from the tenant.

They must also inform the tenant within 28 days of receipt of the deposit of details of the scheme under which the deposit has been protected.

The scheme also provides access to a Dispute Resolution Mechanism at the end of the tenancy where there are any disputes about the repayment of the deposit.