Shh! Don’t tell your man, they’re selling Valentine’s cards in ASDA for just 7p!

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IT could be a case of all vision and no sound if they give their lover a bargain-basement Valentine’s card costing just 7 pence!

The cheap card is available in the supermarket’s 300 stores and for 7p they will even throw in a red envelope. A bargain, eh?

The cut price, recession-beating love token from Asda even features the supermarket’s “Smart Price” logo on the cover in a heart.

Cheekily, the message inside reads “My love for you is priceless!”

On the front are the words “Be My Valentine” and the card even features Asda’s famous green colours.

Anyone who wants to hedge their bets for February 14th can send six of the cards for the cost of a first-class stamp.

The cards have soared in popularity on the money saving internet forums,, hiting a staggering 2,262 degrees on the website’s ‘temperature gauge’.

One user wrote: “Excellent, now buy myself as many as I like - never get any! Best start practicing writing left-handed!”

Another wrote: “Looking to break up with your partner but not sure how? Give them a 7p card from Asda!”

And another said: “Thanks for making me laugh so much. Think it should come with a warning on the packet - GUARANTEED TO GET YOU A QUICKIE DIVORCE.

“Would definitely send one of these to someone I didn’t like!”

Another wrote: “Seems like too mighty investment if you think about it.. sure she will have more enjoyment in the kitchen making me a sandwich than a 7p card :]”