Simple crime prevention steps

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Police are asking people to take some simple crime prevention steps before they head away on holiday this summer.

Crime Prevention Officer Stuart Gibson said: “It’s that time of the year and we’re all thinking of a holiday and hopefully getting ready to enjoy some time away.

“However, don’t forget to take a few simple steps to secure your home before you head off. Thinking home security before you leave should help you to relax and enjoy your holiday as much as possible.”

Police would offer the following crime prevention advice to anyone heading off on holiday:

* Let a neighbour or friend know that you are going away:

* Arrange for them to check your house regularly - collect mail. Open/close curtains. Bring bins in. Park their car on your driveway:

* Lock all your windows and doors:

* Remember to cancel your milk and newspapers:

* Don’t forget your garden! Effective garden security will help to keep your home secure:

* Use timer switches to turn lights on during the evenings:

* Advise the local Police that your home will be vacant and provide details for a key holder:

* Strongly recommend installing a quality home security alarm system if you do not already have one:

* Consider using the post office ‘keep safe service’ they can hold onto your mail for up to two months, then deliver it all in one go when you return.

Further crime prevention advice is available from your local designated Crime Prevention Officer by calling 101.