Sixth time lucky for our Gavin!

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WHILE many of us were thinking about getting up for work on Friday morning, Coleraine explorer Gavin Bate was celebrating reaching the summit of Mount Everest.

The 44-year-old achieved his life long dream of reaching the summit of Everest - 8848m above sea level!

Gavin’s past experiences on Mount Everest have been full of excitement, danger and close to tragedy, however he has never given up. Through his efforts to reach the summit, he has raised tens of thousands of pounds for development charity Moving Mountains, which has changed the lives of thousands of people around the globe.

Gavin’s background and life reads like an adventure novel with many tales of derring-do, however his commitment to sustainable development and support for disadvantaged communities through the Moving Mountain Trust has to be applauded.

Gavin reached the summit with long time friend, Pasang Tendi Sherpa who is also a trustee of Moving Mountains Nepal.

Pasang has accompanied Gavin many times on his previous Everest expeditions and even helped save his life high on the mountain in 2009 when Gavin became hypoxic.

With their shared history this made summiting together even more special and an emotional moment for both of them. They are now safely back at Camp Four with the rest of the expedition team, elated, overjoyed and recovering from their exertions.

Reaching the summit of Mt Everest is the culmination of years of hard work, passion and dedication from Gavin and his team, and an achievement that is being celebrated by Moving Mountains staff, supporters and beneficiaries around the world.