Sky’s the limit for FoneADrone firm

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A Balnamore man, who is a computer science graduate, is reaching for the sky by launching his own drones company.

Father-of-three Robert Kelly (36) hopes to produce stunning “UAV drone aerial photography and videography or, as we like to call, it droneography”, he told the Times this week.

Robert says he has invested heavily in state-of-the-art technology which he hopes will make his company, FoneADrone, the “biggest drone operator in the area.”

He had a string of different jobs - including bar work, cashier, warehouse manager, car firm worker and mechanic - before taking on his new venture. Robert revealed that a visit to his local Maplin store inspired him to set up the unusual business which he is running from his Esdale Gardens home in Balnamore village outside Coleraine.

“I saw the drones in Maplin, and thought that they were excellent in their capabilities. I came home and researched heavily resulting in me buying three drones and going to England to do my pilot’s course.

“The third drone was purpose built forus and is fully waterproof, can land in the sea and has full infared camera as well as a 4k camera.

“I would like to be the biggest drone operator in the area, this is why i have invested heavily in the equipment.

“We can reach places a helicopter can and many places a helicopter can’t, at a fraction of the cost and at a moment’s notice. We also have CAA permission to operate from the CAA and IAA.”

FoneADrone can provide high accuracy 3D models, volumetric calculations and topographic surveys as well as pre-and-post images for construction projects.

Robert also hopes to tap in to the local golf market: “We can provide video and close up shots of each hole, perfect for marketing. For those designing and building courses, high accuracy surveys and DEMs are equally as important.

“We also work exclusively with who work exclusively with Peter Allis.”

He says the business can also provide habitat maps and environmental monitoring, high accuracy aerial imagery for precision farming and maximising crop yields using Infrared camera, high resolution mapping for forrestry projects or even private investigation. Images can also be provided for weddings or family occasions: “With our state of the art fly in the sky, we can capture any shot or video for your special day,” says Robert.

“With our state of the art remotely controlled drones, printing facilities and computer software, we can bring clients with the shots they require for their business.”

For further details email, visit or call 02827 662882 or 077322 49684 (mobile).