SLIDE SHOW: Raft Race 2014

Hundreds of spectators gathered in Portrush on Saturday for the annual RNLI Raft Race.

The first event of the day was Junior Raft Race managed by John & Rhonda Lynn. With plenty of children keen to participate the race went over 11 heats, 2 children a raft having to race from the floating pontoon out to a buoy and back again, assisted by the local kayaking club, who made sure

This skydiver lands safetly on the beach. INCR22-163KMA

This skydiver lands safetly on the beach. INCR22-163KMA

everyone got around.

The winners were brother and sister team Harriet & Lewis Dallas, followed closely in second place by Hannah Stewart and Harriet Dallas, with our third team Johnny Strang and Ethan Hill.

Mr. Morelli and Naldo Morelli along with John Lynn and Robin Cardwell from the RNLI presented the Juniors with their prizes.

On West Strand Alan Simpson kept everyone entertained, building up excitement to the great landing display from the Wild Geese. Awards were given for Best Designed Raft to Sainsburys Craigavon Destroyers, Best Dressed Raft to Crafty Rafty and Best Named Raft to local school – Millstranded!

The race started and the rafters battled against each other.

Conditions were fair but competition was hot as the main body of rafts entered the harbour with two clear leaders going head to head to cross the line.

Last year’s winners Exorna Kitchens Total Foot Care crossed just in front of the Fyfin Flyer to become victorious for the second year in a row.

Raft Captain Andy Oliver said they will definitely be back next year to try for a hat trick!

Fyfin Flyers Raft Captain, Leicester Finlay, happy that they improved last year’s third place threw down the gauntlet to Andy Oliver so we will see

a good challenge for 2015!

Third across the line were the Ballyronan Bandits with the first Female Crew to finish the Wallace Angels.

Although Sainsburys Craigavon Destroyers Raft was awarded the Best Design, it failed to finish and was towed by the lifeboat, winning the coveted award of Most Heroic Failure!

Guido Morelli from the Morelli family presented the winners with their awards: “Once again Morelli’s Ices is delighted to be able to sponsor and assist with this event for an extremely worthwhile cause.

“We would like to thank all of the participants and spectators for all of their help and support to make this another great Raft Race.”