Slimming World West Bann invite

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Slimming World West Bann opened its doors in January this year and since then has supported members to lose a whopping 136stones.

Swimming World consultant, Joanne,said: “I am delighted to have supported my members on their weight loss journey during 2016.

“Slimming World West Bann is growing from strength to strength.

“So much so, that from Saturday, July 23 a new session will open each and every Saturday at 11.30am.

“So, if you like your lie in on a Saturday morning and our 9.30am class is too early, our new 11.30am will be perfect for you”.

SW West Bann member Patrick lost an amazing three and half stones so far and has recently been crowned SW West Bann Man of the Year.

Patrick said: “Slimming World is about eating well, eating healthy and enjoying food- it’s about making life style adjustments and healthy eating options not starving yourself. It is amazing how on the food optimising plan you can eat so much and still lose weight.

“Slimming World gives the best results and I recommend it without reservation.”

Another successful member Jane who is SW West Banns reigning ‘Greatest Loser’ lost three stones.

“I love Slimming World as it’s a plan that anyone can do without having to count calories or point everything you put in your mouth. Slimming World West Bann have so many fantastic members all on their own journey, but also there to support each other as well,” she said.

For more information on Slimming World West Bann contact Joanne on 07715003842 about her Saturday morning group or call in Saturday 9.30am and 11.30am West Bann Development, Killowen Court.