Snap: Lucky winners revealed

This year’s Summer Photographic Competition run on behalf of Castlerock Community Association clearly created a great deal of interest in the village itself and in the surrounding area.

There were over 120 valid entries submitted.

The quantity, as well as the very high quality of the entries received, made life difficult for the judges, who stated at the recent award ceremony held in the CCA’s own Information Centre in Castlerock, that the wide variety of entries and the high standards achieved in all categories had made the judging procedure both a joy and a challenge.

Judging by the results now on display in the Information Centre, the efforts of both entrants and judges have produced a wonderful display of photographs.

The wide range in ages which characterised the competition was also well represented at the award ceremony itself when a curious and lively crowd greeted each category winner with an enthusiastic round of applause.

The winners in the five categories were as follows:

1. Landscape – Peter Cummings; 2. Places of Interest – Shane Killen; 3. Fun and Frolics – Mervyn Guthrie; 4. Wildlife – Amanda Killen; 5. Youth – Katherine Logan.