Something’s cooking at Focus on Family

OVER the past few weeks, anyone dropping into the Focus on Family Centre in Ballysally will have noticed the delicious scents coming from the kitchen every Friday morning.

And it’s all thanks to resident volunteer chef Gary and participants from The Base project in Coleraine.

Each week, the group of dedicated trainee-cooks have been guided through a variety of exciting and challenging recipes.

Everyone has got involved and been supported by Gary, along with other Focus on Family volunteers.

The participants have done everything from checking the recipe, getting the right ingredients, making the measurements, stirring, mixing and combining the food, cooking, final preparation and serving.

In addition, worksheets and exercises have helped the learning.

The Base participants have been a welcome addition to the wide range of people attending the busy Focus on Family centre, with their positive attitude and commitment to the cookery sessions.

The group is also moving on to take part in jewellery making sessions at the centre and some are also participating in Essential Skills and computer classes.

Anyone wishing to find out more about the cookery classes, or any of the other exciting courses and programmes delivered at Focus on Family should contact the Project Manager, Brendan Patterson on 028 7032 9550.