Son speaks of upheaval for his mum

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The son of a disabled care resident of the Garvagh home, has spoken of the upheaval it will mean for his family when it closes in February.

Robert McCormick said moving his mother Margaret, who has been a resident at the Garvagh home for over three years, to another facility in the area looks extremely difficult.

Robert’s mother Margaret, aged 72, has dementia.

She is unable to walk, and has “100 per cent nursing needs”, according to her son.

Robert said: “At the moment, in this locality, there’s nothing.

“We have to put our mother’s name on waiting lists.

“We’ve been out as soon as we heard this, putting my mother’s name down for some of the local ones. There’s a waiting list for them all.”

He said they are all private homes, and, as far as he is aware, there are no state ones nearby.

“We can’t speak highly enough of the care the girls in that care home give her,” said Robert of the Garvagh home.

“They know her ways, because she’s been there for so long... These have become these people’s homes.

“They are taking these elderly, vulnerable people out of their own homes.

“It’s a big ask.

Robert said his mother knows nothing about what is soon to happen to her.