Special NW 200 night at the Anchor

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All roads to the Anchor Bar complex next week for a very special party.

It would be impossible to attend the North West 200 and not notice the high profile support the Portstewart venue gives to the event but few know that one of their senior members of staff is also one of the key players who helps to organise the race.

Head Chef Cathal Cunning’s role includes responsibility for recruiting and overseeing the astounding 800 volunteers who work at the races.

“We really appreciate everything these volunteers do” Cathal told us, “as without the them the event just couldn’t happen”.

This is echoed by the team at the North West 200 offices and they’re delighted at the opportunity to send out invitations to all who were involved both behind the scenes and in the public domain.

A giant party is being laid on for them on Friday, June 27 at the Anchor complex - and the good news is it’s open to the public.

Race volunteers will join the usual Friday night revellers and enjoy the live music of Plug and Dom in the Anchor Bar with Brian Moore’s DJ set in the Anchorage Style Bar.

Briansays: “I never cease to be amazed at the work these guys do in all aspects of the event and it’ll be great to meet up with them again in a more relaxed atmosphere.

“Jillian Frew, the current Miss North West 200, will also be in attendance and will be presenting awards to some of the Volunteers. Most of the contestants in the Miss North West 200 contest have also confirmed that they’re also attending so there’ll be no shortage of glamour. “

Danny Coyles, General Manager of The Anchor, is an enthusiastic NW 200 supporter for all it does for the area: “Nothing else comes close to the business it brings in year after year - and we simply love the good-natured crowd that follows it”. Everybody from the top management of the event to the guys who break down the course afterwards are invited for what is shaping up to be a party to beat all parties...