Spin-derella Chix!


THE hottest name on the Northern Ireland clubbing scene this year is the all female DJ collective ‘Chix on Dexx’.

And two of the four girls who are enjoying a meteoric rise to fame as part of the group, are Coleraine pair Janice Evangelista and Stacey Mulholland.

And the man behind Chix on Dexx is Coleraine’s Ray McLaughlin, better known as DJ XRay.

Having been on the music scene since the early nineties, Ray has been passing on his experience to the girls and using his large volume of industry contacts to get the talented DJs in the limelight.

The Coleraine Times spoke to Ray and the girls last week in their first ever interview.

Janice Evangelista, aka Jan Summers describes herself as a ‘hardcore clubber who loves music’. She explained how she moved from the dancefloor to behind the decks.

“The idea of an all girl DJ group was all Ray McLaughlin’s. He recruited Derry girl Donna Lynn, aka Donna Matrix and myself. He helped me learn the art of DJ-ing and we had our first gig last April at the Beach Club in The Odyssey. To be honest we haven’t looked back since then.

“We added a third member in Cliona Devenney (Cliona D), from Strabane after that and Stacey Mulholland (Stacey Vox) who is also from Coleraine, is our newest member.”

Stacey joined the group in January and had her first gig with the girls on St Patrick’s Day.

“It’s exciting times for us,” said Stacey.

“I’m a student at Magee and a trained singer, so the girls wanted me in to do vocals for the album.

“They then asked me to join them as I have some experience DJ-ing and I was delighted.”

Manager Ray is full of praise for his four prodigies, but how has he adapted to working alongside four ladies....

“I have three sisters, so I’m well used to it,” he joked. “No honestly, we all get on really well.

“I’ve been thinking about the idea for some time to be honest, I just felt there was a gap in the market for a female DJ group.

“The DJ scene here in Northern Ireland is very male dominated.

“The saying ‘sex sells’ is very true, and I thought that having girls behind the decks would appeal to people. They have over 20 gigs under their belts now, and things are trickling along nicely.

“They are all music lovers and they each bring their own little touch to their music, so I am very excited about it all.

“I have taught all the girls through my DJ school and they are all doing great.

“Stacey is the newest member, she’s a trained singer so it’ll be great to have someone on vocals on our big nights.

The girls are busy working on a new album titled ‘Life in a Bag’ which will be released later this year.

Not content with wowing Northern Ireland audiences, this summer they will play on Europe’s clubbing mecca -Ibiza. The foursome will be spinning out their tunes in one of the white island’s biggest clubs, Eden, thanks to Cliona winning a DJ-ing competition.

Local audiences will have the opportunity to see the talented foursome in action later this summer - watch this space for more information!