Sponsor Jane meets ‘her kids’

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A Castlerock woman has just returned from Uganda, where she met four children that she sponsors through the World Vision charity.

Jane Gribbon has been sponsoring the children, aged between nine and 15 through the charity for the past seven years.

“It’s a trip I never thought I would make,” Jane told The Times on Friday.

The chidren, Marble (14), Costance (15) and David (13), are all in the Lunyo Area Development Programme.

A fourth child, also sponsored by the Castlerock woman is in another village, her name is Wilson (9), and she lives is Busitema.

“It really was a fantastic trip, “ admitted Jane.
“I was delighted to meet each of the children that I have been sponsoring.”

Jane took small gifts for the children, and she said that they were were ‘so pleased’ with what she gave them.

“These children are so appreciative.

“I was a bit apprehensive about the visit, but I have to say I am so glad I went,” said Jane who was one of twenty sponsors from Ireland who made the trip.

“It was lovely to see the children dressed in their best clothing for us coming.

“Some of them had clothes with holes and some had no shoes, but they were so welcoming.

“I met one of the parents of one of the children and she was so thankful, it proves that we do make a difference.

“They don’t have much and they live in little mud huts, they lead very basic lives but they are so happy and lively,” told Jane.

Jane said it was wonderful to see the projects that have helped the children that she sponsors, she encouraged anyone thinking of sponsoring a child to take the first step.

“So often you see images of children in dire poverty in the media, Africa is not a disaster area,” uged Jane.

“These children live in a very rural area. They live off the land, they don’t have very much, but they make the best of what they have.

“It was nice to see the projects that World Vision supports, people are often critical of charities and where the money that we donate goes, so it was nice to be able to see first hand how we as sponsors have helped.I would urge anyone who is thinking of sponsoring a child to do it now.

“It was heart warming to see the difference we had made.”