Stanley’s pictures enthral WI ladies

The President of Portstewart Women’s Institute, Susan Lyons, welcomed members to the May meeting in Agherton Church Hall and read an amusing piece from the Ulster Countrywoman entitled, ‘On the first day, God created the dog’.

Alison Lamont, Secretary informed everyone about Balmoral Show, Ballymoney Show and a request from Comber Potatoes for a recipe with a difference using potatoes. She also asked if anyone would like to join Exorna WI on their outing to Mountstewart in June.

Susan introduced the speaker for the evening photographer Stanley Bate who had brought along a variety of slides including showbands and old pictures of Portstewart.

The first slides displayed pictures of showbands who had played in the Top Hat Ballroom (also known as the Strand Ballroom) dating back to the sixties which brought back many memories for all the local ladies.

Henry and Victor McCullough and Errol Walsh all from Portstewart started off their musical careers here.

The monthly competition for a ‘Photo Portraying Happiness’ was won by Maureen Garvin, with Helen Jamieson second and Maureen Garvin third This was the last meeting before the summer recess and Susan said she looked forward to seeing everyone again in September.