Student film triggers armed cops


The PSNI’s armed response team were called to Portstewart on Wednesday morning following a report of an armed robbery, however it transpired that the scenario had been staged by local students

Chief Inspector Catherine Magee said: “Police responded quickly to the report, arriving on scene within six minutes.

“Attending officers witnessed a man wearing a balaclava and brandishing a handgun inside the premises.

“Officers approached and the man was ordered to put the weapon on the ground.

“It subsequently transpired that the scenario had been staged by some local students and the situation was quickly de-escalated.

“The call from the member of the public was genuine and made in good faith, believing that an armed robbery was taking place.

“The officers involved responded professionally and appropriately, as I would expect them to, given that this was a report of armed robbery with the potential risk to life and property such a report implies. Their focus was, as always, keeping people safe.

“I have been in touch with the university today and hope to have an informal chat with some of the students involved later this week.”

We have contacted the University of a comment.