Success for Coleraine slimmers

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Super slimmers in Coleraine have lost a whopping 323 stones in weight.

The members of Coleraine Rugby Club Slimming World Group are now 86 stones lighter than they were when Consultant Lynn Hutchinson opened up the group at start of May 2017.

Also the members of Killowen Primary School Slimming World Group are 237 stones lighter during 2017. Lynn could not be more proud of every single member.

The members who attend the groups every week follow Slimming World’s Food Optomising eating plan created by the organisations team of expert nutritionists, which encourages them to fill up on satisfying foods such as pasta, rice, potatoes, lean meat and fish, pulses, fruit and vegetables.

Julie McCloskey has lost almost seven stones in just over a year to drop 6 dress sizes. She said: “Filling up on lots of satisfying free foods within the plan means I am never hungry so I have never felt as if I was on a diet. Before I joined Slimming World, I thought losing weight meant going to the gym and counting calories but now I know it’s about making healthier choices about food and becoming more active. Now I go to the gym 4 or 5 times per week and absolutely love it....Slimming World has changed my life forever.

“Every week we support and encourage each other and share tips and recipes, and on top of that we have a lot of fun.”

Because Lynn has lost weight herself she understands the ups and downs of slimming and can offer us help and advice based on her own experience.

She is still a member on her own journey and loves food optomising every day, still allowing that flexibility in her busy family life.

Lynn said: “I’m delighted that my members have lost weight so beautifully. It has made a big difference to their lives and to their whole families too. They are all happier and so much healthier now. I just want to help even more people to make real changes for life – there is no better job satisfaction than that.

“Free Food February is coming up in group next week and we are all very excited about that.”

Lynn’s groups are held at Coleraine Rugby Club every Monday at 6pm and Killowen Primary School every Thursday at 5.30 and 7.30pm. For more information or to join call Lynn on 07706 140164 or just pop along to either group - a warm welcome will await.