Success for Dalriada A Level students

Dalriada A level students.
Dalriada A level students.

This year’s ‘A’ level students at Dalriada have achieved a superb set of results equalling last year’s record breaking results.

An outstanding 82% of the Upper Sixth Form students obtained at least 3 A*-C grades each.

Indeed, over 92% of all A Level grades achieved by Dalriada students were A*-C with 40% of all grades being A*/A grades.

The following 27 students:

Hope Anderson, Benedict Anslow, Jessica Bellingham, Caity Brown, Jazmine Carson, Eason Chan,

Emma Colgan, Shane Devers, Cara Dorrans, Flynn Faith-Crothers, Ross Fallows, Emma Hasson,

Catherine Jamison, Peter Johnston, Adam Kennedy, Andrew Ko, Daniel McAfee, Claire Morrison,

Charis Nevin, Natalia Rygielska, Lucy Skelton, Peter Smith, Patrick Stewart, Catherine Torrens, Katie Trotter, Emily Walsh and Benjamin Webb.

Peter Johnston achieved an incredible 4 A grades and Eason Chan achieved 4 A*Grades.

In lower sixth Dalriada students also performed well at AS Level with 75% of the year group gaining at least 3 A-C grades each.

The following 22 Dalriada students achieved at least 3 ‘A’ grades each:

Kate Beattie, Ethan Buick, Leah Cassells, Thomas Clark, Alicia Cooke, Mark Crawford, Emily Crutchley, Rebecca Deans, Oliver Doyle, Lauren Ferguson, Sarah Fielding, David Fomin, Sarah Hadden, Robyn Hanna, Jill Huey, Jill Hutchinson, Lucy Jack, Zoe Lynn, Archie McIntyre, Catherine McKee, Mary Parkash, Luke Taylor, Imogen Thompson, Carter White and Darcy Winchborne

In addition, of this group the following 14 students gained an outstanding 4 A grades each:

Leah Cassells, Thomas Clark, Alicia Cooke, Mark Crawford, Rebecca Deans, Oliver Doyle, Sarah Fielding, Sarah Hadden, Jill Huey, Jill Hutchinson, Zoe Lynn, Catherine McKee, Mary Parkash and Imogen Thompson.

Reflecting on the success of the Dalriada students, Headmaster Mr Tom Skelton said. “As a school, we are delighted with these well-deserved results which reflect the hard work put in by the students and teachers. In a year of uncertainty with new subject specifications being examined for the first time, our pupils and staff have adapted to the course demands superbly and worked tighter to produce exam results of which we are all immensely proud.

“Our supportive parents and our productive governors have also played their part in the

collective success. Our students will now be able to pursue the career of their choice. I wish all of them every success in the future”.