Sugden calls for Executive to ‘address care sector problems’

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East Londonderry MLA Claire Sugden says she is ‘disapppointed’ to learn of the closure of the Four Seasons Care Home in Garvagh.

She told The Times: “Recently residents and families were given hope that the home would be bought. This has now been taken away and they are faced with uncertainty once again. This to-and-froing is unacceptable.

“I met with Garvagh care home staff and the Manager in November. They expressed their devastation at the news of closure, not for their own jobs but for the residents. They are settled, they have friends there. They now face the upheaval of being moved.

“The underlying issue is that Care Homes are not properly resourced. This situation will keep happening until the Government do something to address the problem.

“Care Home providers are facing enormous pressures of staff costs and overheads, whilst nursing staff are overworked and underpaid. The Government can’t complain about the provision of care in care homes when they do not pay enough for them to survive.

“The care sector is facing a very grave future if the Executive do not urgently address the problems.”