Sugden welcomes reduced theory test fees

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East Londonderry MLA Claire Sugden has welcomed an annoucement by the Environment Minister that the cost of car and motorcycle theory tests will fall.

The MLA explained: “The Environment Minister has announced that from this October the fee for car and motorcycle theory tests will fall from £30 to £25, with a further £2 reduction in October 2015 to bring the cost down to just £23. Theory test fees for other vehicles will also be reduced.

“The cost of learning to drive can be substantial and out of reach for many.

“In particular, most learner drivers are young people who already struggle to find work to afford anything.

“Being able to drive is a necessity particularly as our government continues to centralise services and attract inward investment into cities. Jobs for people in East Londonderry and other constituencies outside Greater Belfast are not around the corner any more.

“The Minister’s statement is encouraging, but our government needs to do more to facilitate opportunities for people living west of the country. “