Supporting Cancer Centre

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Portstewart man Connor McCausland, who works for Tennent’s NI, is supporting his colleague Damien Magerr who is currently undergoing treatment for Prostate Cancer.

Damien had canvassed his colleagues to ensure that the Friends of the Cancer Centre is the company’s new designated charity, and he’s had overwhelming support from his colleagues.

Not only did he get the charity selected, but the employees have all put their heads together to launch a ‘Make time for Friends’ fundraising campaign that aims to raise £20,000 for the charity.

Damien said: “The support of friends makes all the difference when you face difficulties in life, and I am delighted to discover the depth of the support which I enjoy here at Tennent’s NI. Now it’s time to let the goodwill pour and we’ll be getting together, as friends, to support and fundraise for the Cancer Centre, Northern Ireland’s regional centre based at the Belfast City Hospital.”