Surfer got into difficulties

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Coastguards have praised the vigilance of members of the public who used the 999 system to raise the alarm when a surfer got into serious difficulties off the East Stran, Portrush, last Wednesday.

Multiple emergency calls were received by MRCC Befast Coastguard before 10pm and the Coleraine Coastguard Rescue Team and Portrush Inshore Lifeboat were both quickly on scene.

A 24 year old surfer had become separated from his board when the leash attached to him broke, leaving him in difficulties in the failing light.

The man managed to scramble ashore on to rocks adjacent to the Arcadia, before making his way ashore. Coastguards on scene checked that he was safe and that no-one else was still in the water.

After the incident, Coastguard Station Officer Chris Little told The Coleraine Times:“This incident demonstrates yet again the value of the 999 system, and also highlights the dangers of surfing so late in the evening.”