Talented Ellen displays her ‘True Colours’

Ellen Davis with her Mum Julie at the True Colours exhibition in the Ulster Museum
Ellen Davis with her Mum Julie at the True Colours exhibition in the Ulster Museum

Coleraine schoolgirl Ellen Davis had her talents recognised when she was selected to take part in the True Colours Exhibition in the Ulster Museum.

Ellen was one three students from the north coast selected to take part in the exhibition which is a unique and exciting display of outstanding work produced by local students for CCEA’s summer 2016 GCE and GCSE examinations.

Being selected as one of the 33 students from across Northern Ireland invited to exhibit came as a complete surprise to the 17 year old. “I was completely shocked when I was asked to exhibit my work in the Ulster Museum along with the amazing work of famous artists,” said Ellen. “It is a great honour!”

The Coleraine Grammar student who is currently studying Chemistry, Biology, Maths, Nutrition and Food Science for A level explained how her piece titles ‘Domestique’ evolved and where she got her inspiration from.

“My teacher gave me the title ‘My Space’ and as I love baking and cooking I decided I would base my piece around the kitchen. I began by painting vintage cooking utensils and everyday cleaning products you would find under the kitchen sink.

“I wanted to create a sculpture or dress as I wanted to show my ability to work in a different medium so I decided to create an apron which was inspired by phases such as ‘chained to the kitchen sink,’ ‘a women’s work is never done,’ and ‘blood, sweat and tears’.

“I also took a lot of inspiration from an artist called Tracy Emin who uses some key words to protray a very emotive and profound message.”

Joining her family at the opening night of the exhibition which runs until the end of February was a great experience for Ellen.

“It was quite surreal to see my art work it such an impressive building alongside the work of extremely talented artists of a similar age to me.

“It was really strange being interviewed by the media and I was extremely nervous but he interviewer was lovely and he put me at ease straight away. It was a great opportunity that I don’t think I will ever get again.

“To top it off I got to share this amazing experience which my family and friends. It was lovely to see the pride on the faces of both my Nana Kathleen and Granny Sadie.”

Hopefully Ellen will continue to use her artistic talent as she continues through life. “I hope to study something medical such as dietetics, physiotherapy or possibly medicine as I enjoy helping people,” she said. “I’m not sure what I want to do yet but I hope to continue with art despite the fact that I am not studying it.”