Talk on ‘ways of working together’

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At a recent meeting of Causeway Coast Peace Group held in Huey Memorial Orange Hall, Stranocum, Chairman Eleanor Duff welcomed a large number of members and friends.

Opening devotions were spoken effectively by Irene Green, after which Eleanor welcomed guest speaker Padraig O’Tuama, Leader of the Corrymeela Community, who took as his theme “Ways of working together in uncertain times”.

He began by pointing out that in every time the future is uncertain. He referred to his fascination with The Gospels stemming from his childhood in Cork, where he as a Roman Catholic was involved with evangelical Christian groups.

He spoke of the life and teachings of Jesus as fundamental to his own thinking. He explained: “For the human Jesus also the future was uncertain right up, to the Cross. Each of us interprets the present from our own perspective, so it’s important to listen to the views of others especially those with whom we disagree. This does not necessarily mean agreeing with them accepting those views. As for the future we all need to be ready to question ourselves, our traditions and our parties. If all of us do this we may find surprising ways opening up to a reconciling and inclusive future.”

A lively question and answer session followed, after which Eleanor proposed a vote of thanks to Padraig.