Tea-riffic talk for Exorna ladies

Community News
Community News

An informative insight into the worldwide history of tea-making was given to members of Exorna Women’s Institute at their October meeting.

Guest speaker was Robert Bell, of S D Bell’s, Tea and Coffee Merchants, Belfast, which was founded in 1887.

Detailing the history of tea-making since its discovery in 2737 BC, Mr Bell gave this advice to members: “Always use fresh water when making tea, not re-boiled. And, if you prefer milk with your tea, make sure that you put it into the cup before the tea is poured.”

Past President, Mrs Jean Sherrard, thanked the guest speaker for a most interesting address.

Mrs Sherrard also presented to Mrs Rosemary Sinclair the Iris Houmann Cup for diligent service to last year’s Committee.

President, Mrs Ann Pollock, welcomed the guest speaker, new member Wendy McClenaghan, and Mrs Ingrid McLaughlin, who is re-joining.

Prizewinners: Tea Cosy Competition – First and Second, Mrs Della Murphy; Third, Mrs Jean Sherrard. Birthday Girl was Mrs Sylvia Boyd.

Office-bearers:- President, Mrs Ann Pollock; Committee members – Mrs Pat King, Mrs Jean Sherrard, Mrs Sandra Simpson, Mrs Hazel Andrews; Mrs Elsie Sawyers, Mrs Selina Hutchinson and Mrs Rhoda Burnett.