Team work and unity the key to success at polls - Campbell

The three DUP MLAs Adrian McQuillan. Maurice Bradley and George Robinson
The three DUP MLAs Adrian McQuillan. Maurice Bradley and George Robinson

East Londonderry MP Gregory Campbell said his party’s success at Thursday’s polls was down to team-work and party unity.

“Our performance last Thursday is a massive vote of confidence from the people,” said the MP.

“The DUP dominated the unionist share of the vote and were rewarded with the top three places for the party in East Londonderry.

“In fact, the message we were getting on the door step was one of being the only party to have canvassed their house.

Newly elected MLA Maurice Bradley who topped the poll said: “With three MLAs, the MP and eleven Councillors, the DUP clearly represents the people and has the support of the people.

“While I would congratulate all those who took part in the political process and commiserate with those who were unsuccessful, I believe our success was down to team-work and support from the electorate.

“Our team of canvasseres, including Gregory Campbell MP and local councillors, knocked on almost 32,000 doors across the constituencey.

“There is no doubt, working as a united party towards a united goal, we achieved our aim of retaining three DUP seats in East Londonderry.

“I would like to express my sincere gratitude to our teams of canvassers for their hard work on behalf of the party to return three MLAs.

“On behalf of George, Adrian and I, I would like to thank the electorate for placing their faith in us for the ensuing five years.

Adrian McQuillan added: “We held our vote management very well during the election, the secret being a united party all encouraging our electorate to vote in accordance to canvass instructions.

“Thankfully the electorate listened. Unlike other parties contesting this election, we encouraged voters to vote for the party 1, 2, 3, and other unionist candidates in order of preference thereafter.

“Other unionist parties saw their running mates vote going all over the place with only a fraction going in support of their candidate.

“At the polling stations, voters who would have been traditional UUP supporters were telling us they were voting for the DUP for the first time, which augers well for the future as the DUP continue to attract members from all walks of life and work for the electorate on a wide range of issues from the ground right up to Stormont and Westminster.

“It was also pleasing to have increased my personal vote by some 800 and to have joined my running mates as the first three candidates over the line.

George Robinson, elected for a fourth consecutive terms added: “After a comprehensive canvass I am aware that this magnificent result is due to the hard work and delivery that the DUP in East Londonderry has become renowned for.

“We return to Stormont with a new face, Maurice Bradley, and there is no doubt that this record of delivery will continue.

“I was delighted that, despite a change to boundaries, I added 700 votes personally, and am aware that these came from every section of society.

“I would also like to express my sincere thanks to outgoing MLA Gregory Campbell for the advice, guidance and friendship he has shown to me personally in Stormont over the years we have been there”.