Ten percent payrise is wrong blasts DUP MP Campbell


East Londonderry MP Gregory Campbell has described the recommendation to give MPs a ten percent payrise as ‘wrong’.

Speaking last week, the DUP man said that the rise would ‘send out the wrong message to voters’.

Gregory Campbell - East Londonderry.JPG

Gregory Campbell - East Londonderry.JPG

He said: “The Independent body IPSA have recommended a 10 percent pay rise for MP’s at a time when many other workers are being told by Government and their employers that no pay rise is possible.

“This is due to the difficult financial climate the Country is in at the moment.

“Most MP’s have said this is the wrong time and sends the wrong message.

“Most people accept the need for an Independent body to set MP’s salary levels, but what needs to happen is that this should be done six months before an election, not immediately after as is now being done.

“That would at least offer the general public, as well as prospective candidates, the opportunity to spell out exactly what they think of any proposal before a vote is cast.

“IPSA have announced this now when no voter or MP can affect the outcome of their decision.”

The rise would see MPs’ salaries rise from £67,060 to £74,000.

The rise has been approved, despite Downing Street and a succession of MPs saying it was “not appropriate”.

IPSA chairman Sir Ian Kennedy said the pay rise would not cost any money because it was being combined with cuts to expenses, pension and severance payments for MPs.