The BodyJigsaw to launch in Portstewart

JUST about every woman - and some men too - have experienced the terror of being a trend victim.

How many outfits have graced our wardrobes only to end up in a black bag? How many photos have we hidden because of our disasters and yes how much money have we wasted over the years.

However we have also all seen those individuals who have that timeless elegance, irrespective of age, gender and fashion trends. They seem to evolve with the seasons, always contemporary but never victims to the latest fads in clothing.

Billy Dixon (PICTURED RIGHT) has been involved in image consultancy for nearly twenty years and during that time he has seen fashions come and go, but the one thing that has remained constant, he says, is style!

Billy believes to develop style we must understand our physical make up and that we need to dress and make the most of our assets while disguising those parts with which we feel less comfortable. In theory this seems to be quite easy, however few of us are rational about our physical appearance and we end up making expensive mistakes or dressing inappropriately.

For that reason, Billy developed The BodyJigsaw, which gives individuals a set of principles that are specific to them – taking the guesswork out of choosing clothes, colours, hairstyles, make-up and accessories.

Portstewart is to be the venue for the launch of The BodyJigsaw in Northern Ireland and you can experience the fun and informative Billy Dixon at his best in Portstewart Town Hall on Friday, June 8 at 8.00pm where he will be telling and showing the audience how to dress for the season with the help of clothes from Stone of Portstewart and Couples and Benetton of Coleraine.

You will also be able to browse and buy from the exhibitors stands of accessories and cosmetics and Dr Gabriela Mercik of The Hebe Clinic of Aesthetic Medicine will also be there to answer any questions on non surgical face lifts, anti-ageing treatments and the dreaded cellulite.

The BodyJigsaw will also be supporting on the night Make-A-Wish Foundation UK, the leading charity which grants magical wishes to children living with life threatening conditions.

Billy told The Coleraine Times: ‘The BodyJigaw Team is excited to be launching in Portstewart. We hope to show our audience no matter what the fashion trends are, you can make rational decisions about what suits you!

“The BodyJigsaw teaches you how to break the rules and show your personality. It is not prescriptive and encourages individuality. Practical, simple and fun - The BodyJigsaw will encourage you to challenge how you see yourself, change your thinking about your style and dares you to be different.”

Tickets are £10 each and available at: Stone, Portstewart, Couples or Benetton in Coleraine or online: