The Noon Balloon

ROS HARVEY’s latest exhibition, ‘The Noon Balloon’, has at its heart one of the truly memorable characters of the north Irish coast – Wallace Clark.

The exhibition of beautiful, sea-themed work, opens with a special reception on Saturday December 3rd, and runs until late January in the galleries at Flowerfield. Harvey subtitles the collection ‘Exhibition of paintings celebrating voyages with Wallace Clark’.

A visit by Wallace to Ros’ studio in 2000 prompted the idea of a book on the Donegal Islands. This led to her two books, published by Cottage Publications in 2003 and 2005, Donegal Islands and The Islands of Connaught.

The paintings which feature in the new exhibition at Flowerfield were made from sketches, photos and memories of the eight years of trips by yacht, ferry, fishing boat and dinghy to these windswept specks of land on Ireland’s Atlantic Coast. Together with their varied and special crew, Ros and Wallace covered around 80 islands.

Wallace Clark died in May of this year. ‘He was a kinsman, skipper and friend,’ says Ros. ‘This exhibition is a celebration of the years of collaboration on the two island books, and a wish to bring together as many of his friends, family and crew members who helped so much in the adventures.’

‘The Noon Balloon’ opens with a special reception at 12noon on Saturday December 3rd, at which the special guest will be Graham Kane.

The exhibition continues on show at Flowerfield right through until the end of January 2012. The galleries at Flowerfield are open from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday, and from 10am to 1pm on Saturdays. The galleries are also open on evenings when the centre is hosting evening classes – call the reception staff on (028) 7083 1400 for details.

And if you’d like to attend the reception to mark the opening of the exhibition on December 3rd, give the reception staff a call on the above number and let them know that you’ll be coming.