The rengeration of Portrush on agenda

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The reneration of the Lansdowne area of Portrush came under the spotlight at a consultation meeting in the resort last Wednesday evening.

Portrush Heritage Group has drawn up acomprehensive Strategy Plan which aims to make Portrush a ‘Heritage Town’.

Causeway Coast and Glens Council’s current proposal for regeneration of the Lansdowne area, which stretches from the Arcadia to Ramore Head, including Antrim Gardens, and out to The Skerries, is something in which which a lot of local people have an interest.

At the event, held in Portrush Town Hall, old photographs, a visual version of the Heritage Group’s Strategy, and a video presentation were available for those present to consult and to help guide their thoughts on key topics such as Built , Cultural ,Natural Environment and Maritime Heritage.

eople were able to make their views known on the key areas on feedback sheets, and the large number of constructive, informed responses was evidence of strong local feelings on issues where a clear passion exists.

Among those present were:

Paul Beattie, Head of Prosperity and Place, Causeway Coast and Glens Council, Alan Jeffers,Regeneration Manager, Causeway Coast and Glens Council; James Hennessey, Landscape Architect with Paul Hogarth Company; Jane Johnston, Admin Assistant, Causeway Coast and Glens Council Councillors Trevor Clarke, William McCandless and Darryl Wilson; Rosemary McConkey and Gemma Reid, who are assisting Council in preparing a heritage statement.

Local people with a strong interest and involvement in Maritime activities included Robin Ruddock,Jim Allen, Ivan Campbell,Charlie Adjey, John Lynn, Paul Graham, Alan Simpson and Charlie Grossie. Gary Burrows from the DOE Maritime Division, Coastal Zone was present, representing the importance of the Area of Natural Scientific Interest at Lansdowne.

A significant number of other local people came along to make their views known, including former councillor Christine Alexander and her brother David, both with a longstanding history of promoting the interests of Portrush.

Committee members of PHG are meeting with local members of the main politics parties over the next few weeks to make their Strategy wide

ly known, and it is hoped that its ideas will be implemented for the benefit if Portrush.