The River Bann snapped by ISS

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HERE is the River Bann - captured from the International Space Station (ISS).

Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield tweeted this picture back on April 26 from the station 200 miles above earth.

Commander Hadfield has become a bit of a star during his time obiting around earth - tweeting, snapping photos and singing from the space station.

The astronaunt and his crew landed safely back on earth last week.

His communications from space captured the imagination of an entire planet. He gained thousands of twitter follows as he posted facinating pictures of planet earth.

During his five month exploration, Hadfield took hundreds of pictures tweeting daily from 200 miles above planet earth.

They include incredible images of sprawling cities, the devastating Australian wildfires and even Chinese New Year celebrations in Tiananmen Square.

Hadfield, who has a daughter studying at Trinity College, also tweeted pictures of Belfast and Dublin.

This stunning image taken last month shows very clearly the River Bann making its way from Lough Neagh to the sea.

Commander Hadfield tweeted: “Waterways are easiest to see from space, like this one in Coleraine, Northern Ireland.”

The picture also depicts Rathlin Island in all its glory off the coast of Ballycastle.

Landing safely back on earth last week, the three astronauts smiled as they chatted with space agency officials and doctors who were checking their condition. Hadfield, who served as the space station’s commander, gave a thumbs-up sign.