Tick Tock...deadline looms for clock restoration

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AS THE old saying goes - ‘more faces than the town clock’, but visitors to Portrush over the coming weeks will see a clock with no faces.

After many years without a functioning clock, the seaside town will have a working time piece thanks to a DoE programme.

As part of the Portrush and Portstewart Intervention Programme, the DoE is funding the restoration of the clock and the clock tower at Station Square.

The restoration is expected to last for the next two weeks, the outcome will be a fully functioning clock.

The work is being carried out by established clock making specialists Canavan Clockmakers from Lurgan.

The firm combine the precision engineering knowledge of today with yesterday’s clock making techniques.

Chris Canavan spoke to The Coleraine Times on Monday morning.

He explained: “We have been charged with fully restoring the clock faces and the mechanical side of the clock, to make it functioning again.

“Last week the clock was stripped down, all the metal work was taken down, the faces and the hands of the clock were removed. The work to restore it now begins at our workshop in Lurgan.

“Basically we will be taking it back to its original state,” said Chris.

Chris admitted that a restoration project on this scale would usually take around six weeks, but he says: “ It would normally take about six weeks, but we have two weeks to complete the restoration in time for the golf in Portrush later in June.”