Time ticks away, but not for Town Clock

Frozen in time: the Coleraine Town Clock.
Frozen in time: the Coleraine Town Clock.

They say time waits for no man..except that is, if you’re the Coleraine Town Clock.

Those glancing up from the Bank of Ireland side of the Diamond will have noticed that one face of Town Hall coclock has been frozen in time...for around six weeks.

But the good news is that a repair of the timepiece is imminent, according to Coleraine Borough Council.

A Council spokesperson revealed that the clock had been stopped to prevent any further deterioration or damage.

She said: “Council is aware of the issue with the Coleraine Town Hall clock and has instructed the maintenance contractor to carry out repairs.

“During a routine service of Coleraine Town Hall Clock the specialist sub-contractor confirmed that the minute hands on the south and west faces of the clock were loose through natural wear.

“The contractor disconnected the south face to halt further deterioration pending a permanent solution. “

However the public will have to wait a little while longer for the repairs - but all in good time, surely?

The spokesperson went on to explain: “The specialist parts required have been ordered and it is hoped to have the repairs completed before the end of January.

“It should be noted that the contractor who is based in England, will complete this work on his next scheduled visit to Northern Ireland, she added.”

Perched on top of the Town Hall, the building itself dates from 1859, and is one of the major architectural focal points in the town centre. It replaced an earlier two-storey Market House, built in 1743, which contained a courthouse on the upper floor, and open arcades on the ground floor where market stalls were set up for the sale of local produce.