Top tweets about MLA pay rise

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THE issue of MLA pay increases has certainly created plenty of discussions - nowhere more so than on the Coleraine Times Twitter account.

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Here’s a selection of your comments on the MLA wage rise issue:

“Disgusting, they don’t even run a good administration but they manage to get a pay rise, how is that possible?”

“They are public servants so therefore they should face the same pay freezes they are imposing on other public servants. So much for - we are all in this together.”

“That 5k each should be taken off them and put into keeping all of the Causeway Hospital open. It’s a disgrace that they’re cutting a vital service yet they still have plenty of money to put in their own back pocket.”

“The MLAs will probably say that they have no control over their pay rise, so please ask the people who do have control over it just what they are thinking of?”

“At a time when most hard working folk are facing a struggle to make ends meet, this will only frustrate and force a divide between the people and those who are supposed to understand and fight for our needs. I’m not saying stop paying them, as they do perform a duty of sorts. I simply ask that the pay increase be put to the people they represent as a vote , maybe then they will see how little or how much faith we have in their ability to do their job adequately.”

“OMG disgraceful we are all struggling and now local council is putting rates up yet they get pay rises for what?”

“You (Coleraine Times) should ask our local ones what they think? Put them on the spot. It’s a disgrace.”

“For no other reason, I would like them to accept it and then donate it to the Coleraine Hospital. God knows the hospital could do with extra funding!”

“I’m never voting again. Forward this thread on to our politicians. Not that any of them will listen.”