Town’s traffic system is ‘archaic’ blasts Bradley

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The traffic system in Coleraine was designed for the horse and cart - that’s the view of a Coleraine councillor.

Alderman Maurice Bradley was speaking at last Tuesday’s council meeting when the issue of works on the Sandelford Bridge was raised.

UUP councillor William King said he has been contacted by numerous people about the slow moving traffic in the area due to the ongoing bridge works.

“There have been major problems there this summer,” said councillor King.

“The whole town is grid locked at certain times.”

DUP Alderman James McClure agreed saying that the road works have caused ‘chaos’ in the town.

UUP councillor David Barbour requested a meeting with Road Service and the PSNI on the issue.

“This is an age old problem,” blasted Alderman Bradley.

“I just fear that if we have a major incident in the town, the emergency services won’t be able to get through. The traffic system is archaic - it was designed for the horse and cart,” added Alderman Bradley.