Safety highlighted at newly upgraded railway crossings

Train. Stock image
Train. Stock image

New safety equipment has been installed at the two main pedestrian level crossings in Castlerock as part of the upgrade work on the Londonderry to Coleraine railway line.

The Miniature Stop Lights at Freehall and Church are operated automatically by an approaching train. The green light is displayed until a train approaches, then, it will turn red and an alarm will sound.

Keith Pollock, Translink’s Level Crossing Risk co-ordinator, said: “It is crucial that pedestrians only cross when the green light is displayed. Pedestrians crossing with children, dogs, or bikes should take extra care to make sure they observe the lights before considering crossing the tracks; cross quickly and never stop on the crossing.”

NI Railways will monitor use of the crossings and anyone caught crossing when the lights are red could face prosecution.